A documentary series about the women scientists and engineers who are redefining our understanding of the universe.

The Love Story That Made The Brooklyn Bridge

So, who is Emily Warren Roebling, and why did a bridge built by men, only stand the test of time because of one woman?

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Suppose you came across a woman lying on the street with an elepahnt on her chest. You notice she is short of breath. Shortness of breath can be a symptom of heart problems or asthma or a panic attack. In this woman’s case, the much more likely cause is the elephant on her chest.

For a long time, society has put obstacles in the way of woman who wanted to enter the sciences. That is the elephant.

Sally Ride

Physicist and astronaut

Stories of scientific and technological progress often exclude female contributions. To combat the stereotype that a woman holding her own in a scientific field is a rare outlier, GoBeyond features the groundbreaking and glass-ceiling-shattering research of female scientists and technology innovators.

GoBeyond is a series about women who are leading the way in their scientific disciplines. Our goal is to further female leadership in science by giving these women a wider audience and to provide role models to counter gender stereotypes.

Jenn Halweil

Founder, GoBeyond

Help us share of the hundreds of women who are redefining our understanding of the universe through science.