creating a docuseries about women doing groundbreaking research

From the bottom of our hearts (and bank accounts), thank you so much for donating to GoBeyond. This project has been a dream of mine in the making for over a year. Your support is helping us to focus on this project so we can create video content that is timely while these groundbreaking discoveries are still fresh. Science and technology are ever evolving, so many of the technologies and scientific discoveries we chronicle are considered old news and out of date if it takes months to get that information out in video form.

One of the most powerful parts of this journey has been discovering that when we support women in the sciences, we support a more collaborative STEM community. Many of these women work beyond the lab to teach, mentor, and inspire the next generation of scientific minds. They are proving that science isn’t just for those lone wolf geniuses with crazy white hair and lab coats… science is for everyone. And your donation helps this meaningful work reach a wider audience and combat the wave of anti-science anti-intellectualism we’ve recently witnessed in media and politics.

If you have a topic you think is worth exploring or a scientist that needs featuring please send that info our way: and check out our instagram at:…

And if you know a friend that would be excited to give a few bucks to help the work of women scientists reach a wider audience, please forward them this page. The greatest social & scientific advances have always required the efforts of group of dedicated individuals (i.e. the Hadron Collider, the James Webb Telescope, NASA). Thank you for being part of our team for GoBeyond.

Jenn Halweil, Rebecca Sesny, & the GoBeyond Team


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